25 juli, 2024

Dana White kritiserar Herb Deans bedömning under TUF 22 Finale




När Ryan Hall segrade mot Artem Lobov via domslut under nattens gala var det flera i publiken som buade. En utav de som buade var Dana White. Det var dock inte åt matchen, utan domaren Herb Dean eftersom han lät Hall vara på Lobovs rygg de sista minuterna i tredje ronden.

Det här berättade White:

I’ll tell you what, if any of you saw what I tweeted at the end of the night, what drove me crazy was that Herb Dean let him stay on his back for the last three minutes standing. No damage was being done. Nobody was really advancing their position. And this is for everything — this is for The Ultimate Fighter.

Stand them back up and…Herb I think is one of the best. I don’t think he did his best tonight. And then I saw a lot of people talking negatively about [Hall]. One of the things about this kid is, with his jiu-jitsu, it’s so sick and at such a high level. You haven’t seen a guy who can go in and just slide in and take the leg and try to step over to the other side. You know, you’re in his guard and try to step to the other side and he gets the leg, and he goes from one thing to another to the back. And even though he didn’t get the submission, if he had pulled off one of those submissions people wouldn’t be bitching about it.

Which is one of the reasons I think that Herb should have allowed them to fight for the last three minutes. There was no fighting in the last three minutes of that fight. That’s irritating. You know, and I think that leaves a bad taste in everybody’s mouth.

Hall segrade via enhälligt domslut och står nu med 5 vinster och 1 förlust.

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