Floyd Mayweathers senaste motståndare tror att Conor McGregor har en riktig chans att segra


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Det är svårare att hitta namn inom boxningsvärlden som är säkra på Conor McGregors (21-3 MMA, 0-0 Boxning) chanser att besegra den obesegrade Floyd Mayweather (49-0 Boxning) i en boxningsmatch än att hitta personer som avfärdar irländarens chanser.

En prominent fighter med hög status som däremot tror på irländarens förmåga att besegra legenden Mayweather är dennes senaste motståndare Andre Berto. Han beskrev i en nylig intervju i The MMA Hour sina tankar kring McGregors potentiella väg till seger i matchen som äger rum den 26:e augusti i Las Vegas.

When it comes to Conor, I tell people: He’s a star.

For some reason under that pressure and under those lights and under that atmosphere, he knows how to rise to the occasion. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, he’s one of those special guys that really can thrive in these types of environments, man.

I just don’t put too much past him. I’ve been able to see and able to go to a few of this fights and really see how he really soaks up that atmosphere and he gets energy from it, where a lot of people really break down or it allows them to fold.

He gets energy from that and he knows how to thrive. If it was a guy in the UFC or MMA that can do it, I believe he would be the one, for sure.

Berto beskrev ett potentiellt händelsescenario för den kommande supermatchen där McGregor segrar:

I see Conor coming in there really showing that bravado, showing that cockiness and showing that he’s really there to fight. And somewhat trying to steal the stage from Floyd just with his antics and he kind of gets Floyd into a mind-game situation, has him pulling some type of mistakes and [Mayweather] gets caught with a big shot and gets hurt. And [McGregor] could stop him.

Berto beskrev även det motsatta scenariot där Mayweather segrar:

Or I see Floyd not playing into any of these antics and being who he is, to stay poised and to stay sharp and let his boxing skills just pick Conor apart. And either late rounds stop Conor just from the accumulation of shots or maybe cuts or just being beat up, or just outboxing him for 12 rounds and just trying to make him look silly

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