15 June, 2024

Frankie Edgar inför månadens avskedsmatch under UFC 281


Alexander Clausson

Frankie Edgar-stirrar i fjärran

Frankie Edgar kommer gå match i samband med UFC 281. Oavsett resultat i fighten kommer Edgar lägga handskarna på kanvasen efter matchens slut.

Frankie Edgar – ”I know I can’t fight forever”

41-åriga Edgar gick sin första proffsmatch 2005 och amerikanen har tillhört UFC sedan 2007. Edgar har gått tre lyckade titelmatcher i organisationens lättviktsdivision. Han har nu förlorat fyra av sina fem senaste matcher i organisationen.

Den andra helgen i november kommer Chris Gutierrez stå för motståndet och fighten blir den sista i Edgars karriär. Under en intervju med MMA Fighting delade amerikanen med sig av sina tankar angående beslutet.

It’s a lot of things I would think. Kind of the way my fights have been going as of late led to that as well. My body, I am getting older. I feel great. In camp, I’m such a strong minded person that I always have great camps. I always feel good but the body takes its toll throughout the years and I just want to move on and see what’s next. I know I can’t fight forever. I could definitely string it on a couple more years probably but I know I’ll never move on to what’s the next chapter in my life. I think now I’m being selfish when I’m still trying to chase this and I’ve got a family and kids that want to have goals of their own. They want me around and probably want me to be able to speak good and have my wits about me. I just know it’s probably the best time.

Edgar reflekterade även kring de fysiska riskerna med att stanna inom sporten som utövare för länge.

It’s definitely in the back of your mind. You can’t help but hear talks of that in sports and especially in our sport but across all sports. It’s not like I notice anything like oh man, I’m forgetful or I’m slurring my words but I don’t know if that’s how it works. Does it happen one day, you wake up and you’re messed up or does it happen gradually? Who knows. I’m going to be 41 next week and I feel like I’m somewhat coherent, maybe not the most, but I guess good enough for now so maybe leave well enough alone.

Edgar står med ett totalt matchfacit som lyder 24-10-1

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