17 June, 2024

Max Holloway om titelmatchen mot Brian Ortega: ’I can’t wait to fight’


Karl Johansson

Max Holloway på presskonferens

Brian Ortega blev den första att knocka den forne lättviktsmästaren Frankie Edgar redan i första ronden under UFC 222 och blir nu den näste att utmana mästaren Max Holloway om fjäderviktsbältet under UFC 227 i Hawaii.

Ortega berättade tidigare att han tror att matchen kan bli den största sedan Jose Aldo vs. Conor Mcgregor. Holloway ser fram emot mötet och känner även han att matchen kommer att bli stor.

Via ’MMAJunkie’:

My interest in fighting [Brian Ortega]: I’m very intrigued. I can’t wait to fight. I love fighting and I love competition. You want to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best. The best is ‘Blessed,’ and right now he’s saying and people are saying he’s the one. I can’t wait. We’ll find out. […] He proved to the world why he’s the No. 1 contender. Looks like I’ve got a new cupcake flavor, so I’m excited. I like horchata, so I can get that horchata flavor – it’s delicious.

I think this fight is huge. He’s got a lot of fans. It’s exciting. I think it’s a huge fight. I think people are talking more about this one than the Frankie [Edar] one. It’s cool; this is finally the first fighter that I didn’t watch growing up. Everyone is telling me he’s the future, but I’m right here. I’m the present. […] Last year I was the GOAT featherweight, now this year I’m a nobody and a guy who is going to lose my belt because time passed me, but last year was three months ago. These guys think they’re going to beat me and it’s just another reason why I’m going to prove I’m the best to do it. These are the kind of fights I want.

Planen är att hålla titelmatchen under UFC 227 i Aloha Stadium I Hawaii, men ännu är ingenting färdigställt.

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