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Michael Chiesa uttalar sig om segern mot Rafael dos Anjos

Michael-Chiesa presskonferens

Under natten till söndagen ägde UFC Fight Night 166  rum i Raleigh i North Carolina, där den amerikanske welterviktaren Michael Chiesa besegrade den forne lättviktsmästaren Rafael dos Anjos via ett enhälligt domslut.

Chiesa gick ut med på Instagram där han uttalade sig om segern:


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A post shared by Michael Chiesa (@mikemav22) on

What’s up everybody? I just want to take this opportunity to thank all my family, my friends, and my fans for showing me all the love and support after this big win. I have a lot of gratitude for all of you guys who get behind me for all of these big moments in my life and in my career. It means a ton to me. So thanks all of you you so much from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank all of my teammates, my coaches, and my training partners. You guys know what it took to get to this fight. It was a very challenging camp for a lot of reasons and you know who all of you are, so thanks for all of you guys for helping me get here.

I want to thank Rafael dos Anjos and his team for giving me the opportunity to get to compete against him tonight. This was the toughest fight of my life. I knew what I was getting into and I have a lot of respect for Rafael and his team, so thanks to you guys. I’m going to celebrate this win, I’m going to drink this Coke, I’m going to pack my bag and head to Abu Dhabi to help support my teammate Austin (Arnett) as he fights this weekend. 2020 I’m coming for the title. I’ve got the vision, it’s time to make it a reality guys. I’m going to bed, much love, thanks to all of you.

Chiesa har nu 3 raka vinster sedan han gick upp till weltervikt och ett record på 17-4, med två tidigare vinster mot Diego Sanchez och Carlos Condit. Efter segern utmanade han den forne interimmästaren Colby Covington som senast mötte mästaren Kamaru Usman.

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