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Video Se Jake Paul och Tommy Furys underhållande presskonferens

Ralph Nordahl

Tommy Fury (7-0) och Jake Paul (4-0) förbereder sig inför deras match nästa månad och förväntningarna stegras efter att herrarna haft ett mediaevent i dagarna.

Se Jake Paul och Tommy Furys underhållande presskonferens

Paul medverkade via Zoom från sitt träningsläger i Puerto Rico med Tommy Fury satt tillsammans med sin halvbror, boxningsvärldsmästaren Tyson Fury och far John Fury. Det hettade minst sagt till där Paul hivade förolämpningar och där John Fury försvarade sin son. Ni kan se ett klipp från händelsen längst ner.

Paul lovade att han kommer besegra Fury och stjäla alla hans storebrors fans. Han ansåg sig även vara underskattad som boxare:

I think Tyson should be paid Tommy’s purse because he’s promoting the fight more than Tommy is. It’s nice to have somebody on the other side of the promotion who actually has a following because I’ve been promoting all of these fights by myself. Finally Tyson Fury steps up to the plate and does some promoting. I’m sick and tired of carrying promotions by myself so thank you Tyson, I tip my hat to you. But I’m going to steal all of your fans. I’m going to knock out your brother and be on my merry way. Another payday. Another speed bump on the way to becoming a world champion and the biggest prizefighter in the world.

These people think they can come in and beat me because they have amateur careers or they’re professional this or they’re UFC that. They don’t understand what they’re getting in there with. It’s funny to see each and every one of them fail in front of the world and the same exact thing is going to happen to Tommy. To me, this is an easier fight than Tyron [Woodley]. This is a young kid who has never had a real fight and I’m going to knock him out. He doesn’t have a chin. He’s never even been hit hard by anybody.

Tommy Fury svarade med följande där han menade att hypen kring Paul är överdriven och att han är den förste riktige boxaren som youtubern möter:

Hype doesn’t win fights. Talking doesn’t win fights. Fighting wins fights. That’s as simple as it is. I’m not engaged in all this. I’ve not been on Instagram because I don’t care. I don’t care what he says, does or thinks. It’s not important because when he jumps through them ropes on December 18 and he realizes I’m not a YouTuber, I’m not a basketball player, I’m not a wrestler, I’m not a UFC fighter, and he gets hit with a nice sharp jab square in his jaw, he’s going to be thinking, ‘What have I signed myself up for here?’

I can guarantee in four or five rounds, he’s going to say, ‘B.J. [Flores], pull me out!’ This is easy money for me. Thank you for taking the fight. I’ve won the lottery. I’m going to rob the bank and I’m not going to go to jail for it. So thank you very much. Don’t pull out and I’ll see you December 18.

You want to pay me millions of pounds to go over there and fight somebody that looks like him? 100 percent, sign me up. This is easy money because this is a bum who cannot fight. I’m going to show that on December 18. When he gets in that ring against me, he’s going to find his level. He’s going to be out of there in the first round because he cannot fight. He can’t dream about beating me.

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