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Slagsmålet mellan Uriah Hall och Jason Mayhem Miller

Under den gångna helgen kom det uppgifter om att Jason Mayhem Miller och Uriah Hall hamnat i ett slagsmål under en MMA-gala i USA. I videoklippet nedan kan ni ta del av händelsen som filmades av MMAInterviews.com.

Så här skriver MMAInterviews.com om händelseförloppet som ledde upp till bråket:

The scene begins with Jason ”Mayhem” Miller being aggressive to a woman who is apparently his ex girlfriend who he has allegedly assaulted in the recent past. She was visibly emotional and upset and he continued to yell at her. Uriah Hall poked his head in the situation and instantly Miller turned his aggression to him. He began with continuous rants of, ”N**** please.” Then the video starts and you see the rest.

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