Urijah Faber imponerad utav Conor McGregors knockout


MMA-världen chockades i december förra året då Conor McGregor knockade fjäderviktsmästaren Jose Aldo 13 sekunder in i första ronden under UFC 194. Urijah Faber känner medlidande för Aldo men är samtidigt imponerad utav irländarens snabba knockout.

Det här berättade Faber, via ”MMAFighting”:

I feel really bad for Aldo. Conor wasn’t lucky, lucky because obviously he’s trained his butt off to get to the point where he can do that, but it was very unlucky for Aldo. I feel bad for Aldo. I feel like he definitely could have had a better performance or at least showed his stuff a little bit better.

That’s rough, but you’ve got to be impressed with Conor. The guy put his money where his mouth is. That’s some legendary s**t right there. That’s a legendary thing to do. The build up the way it was with what Conor said and the way he delivered, that’s legendary.

Aldo stod tidigare obesegrad under 10 års tid. Efter vinsten ansåg många att McGregor skulle försvara bältet mot Frankie Edgar som senast segrade mot Chad Mendes under TUF 22 Finale, men möter nu istället Rafael Dos Anjos i lättvikt.

You can’t deny Frankie. I think it’s unfortunate for Aldo. I don’t think Aldo needs to fight someone else in order to get a rematch. I don’t think he needs to fight his way back but I think Frankie is the next guy. If I were Aldo I would sit out, heal my head, work on whatever you need to work on and then get that fight again. I wouldn’t fight again [before the rematch], necessarily. I would just wait, heal and get my chance.

I think he’s earned the right for himself to an immediate rematch but Frankie has earned … I mean he gets snuffed at every corner.

Faber tror dock att matchen mot Dos Anjos kommer att se annorlunda ut och att det då kommer att matchen kommer att hamna på mattan.

To be honest, Conor has that knockout power and him being bigger he’s going to be even more dangerous, but RDA is no dummy. I think he’ll probably learn from Aldo’s mistake and he’ll learn from Chad Mendes’ success. I think he’ll try real hard to grapple and make it an ugly fight with Conor.

If that’s the case it’s going to be a bad day for Conor. Unless Conor makes some big improvements, which I would think and hope as a world champion and student of the sport that he’s wrestling and doing jiu jitsu every day. If he does his homework it’s anybody’s fight.

McGregor möter Dos Anjos under UFC 197 i Las Vegas den 5 mars.

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  • loppers

    Go gubbe Urijah

    • Metallica

      Håller med:)

      • DannyBoy

        Varför? Drygare jävel får man leta länge efter…


        • ChuteBoxe

          Du tror inte Urijah hade sagt samma sak om Cruz?

          • DannyBoy

            Att Cruz kom fram till Uriah efter sin seger och sa något drygt? Nej det tror jag inte…

          • ChuteBoxe

            Är det du som är Kimuras Urijah Faber, då?

          • DannyBoy

            Nä, mer McGregor… Har alltid rätt.

          • ChuteBoxe


        • Metallica

          Faber är en bra kille :)

        • mrswed

          Lol ”Drygare jävel får man leta efter”
          så postar han en video på den drygaste människan i MMA, lite komiskt..

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